Counseling / Coaching

“I am well on my way down my own spiritual path but needed some clarity on releasing others to their own experiences and still feeling connected in the process. Kathleen is a great collaborator and helped me see things in a unique light that has fueled my spiritual growth. My bi-cultural marriage and relationship with my children has been directly and positively affected by my connecting with Kathleen. If you have a specific faith tradition and are wondering if Kathleen can work within that frame work, the answer is yes. Our family is Muslim and Kathleen offered help with great respect and reverence.”

C.D., R.N., Illinois

“I began working with Kathleen during a very tumultuous time in my life; during this time I felt I did not have the skills or support to help me navigate the choices that I needed to make. Kathleen helped me uncover my inner voice of wisdom that had been buried for many years; she also helped me see old patterns that I needed help with that were no longer useful. With Kathleen’s help I was able to discover an inner compass and move to a greater understanding of myself. Kathleen provided the unconditional support that I needed to create a new and more authentic life—this is not easy work, but with Kathleen’s guidance I have felt that I have a loving family member gently championing me the entire way.”

N.A., Event Manager, East Bay, CA

“All I can think of over and over is that counseling with Kathleen has been an answer for a prayer I kept in my heart days and nights. My experience has been transforming on a personal level, very deep and fulfilling. I love the sincere positive energy, the unique professional approach from a well rounded, educated, good hearted counselor.

The collaborative brain storming and step-by-step approach is assisting me to make a Positive change in the dynamics of my relationship with my 13 yr. old and 18 yr. old daughters.”

“My relationship with with my mother has changed drastically since we began counseling with Kathleen. With her help and support we’ve been able to learn how to positively and effectively communicate despite our many differences of opinion. I can’t begin to describe how fortunate we are to have Kathleen in our lives. Aside from the fact that she’s an incredible communicator and extremely respectful of both our culture and differing opinions.”

Mother and Daughter, Chicago, IL


“Kathleen was able to help us communicate with each other and work through our issues in a safe place, filled with love, tranquility, and peace. Working with Kathleen was extremely beneficial because she understood our requirements for confidentiality and privacy. In addition, she has a deep respect for our tradition and culture and didn’t seek to impose any judgement upon us, our circumstances, or our values. Kathleen is a deeply spiritual person who aims to bring out the best in all of her clients and in all her relationships.”

MYH (former client who turned into a lifelong friend)
San Francisco, Director of Product Management

“Kathleen helped us to create a more peaceful relationship. She’s patient and dedicated to ensuring everyone is heard and feels validated, I have recommended Kathleen to my friends and family and all have really good results.”

S.A., CEO, East Bay, CA