On Hawai‘i Island, creating the next phase.

Kathleen Casey

As a Mediation and Conflict Resolution specialist, my commitment is to first understand each person’s point of view, and then to facilitate understanding between them; so that they can then cocreate agreements and/or solutions, which work for everyone involved.
I believe that when we help create peace within our own family unit, we’re also helping to create peace in the world.
I became a member of Mothers For Peace when my four children were young, and now helping to create peace has remained a major life focus.
I worked in the hospitality industry, and was often called upon to resolve guest conflicts. I trained employees in customer service and their supervisors and managers in leadership skills. Ultimately this led to my receiving extensive training in communication, conflict resolution, negotiation and team-building.

I studied with international mediators, Danaan Perry and Bill Lincoln, from whom I received a certification in mediation and negotiation. My initial mediations were in the business world and later extended to non-profits, schools, and a local government office.

Subsequently, I lived in Ireland and gave workshops in conflict resolution as well as a stress management technique called Autogenic Training. I mediated in a variety of situations, ranging from a company making Waterford crystal to a junior high school in Dublin.
Following my time in Ireland I worked as a business consultant for a company which taught an effective system for running a successful business, and I learned how to coach business owners. This helped me to understand some of the issues my business clients face, and to better assist them, especially when couples or families run a company together and conflicts arise.

Since that time I have worked with people from cultures far more diverse than my own. It has been life changing to learn to understand and appreciate different points of view shaped by cultures, values and beliefs, which are sometimes misunderstood. Understanding transforms judgment and fear, and is the foundation for my services.

When I retired from the business world, I began mediating chiefly with couples and families. What I’ve noticed both personally and professionally is that it’s difficult for most of us to truly listen when we’re emotionally involved, and believe we’ll be affected by an outcome we fear may not be in our best interests. When we’re each willing to take responsibility for our part in the conflict, to understand other points of view, and to be open to outcome, conflict can become an opportunity for growth individually and for the relationship.