Sometimes what we need most is to be heard and understood by a coach, who is not affected by our behavior or decisions and is able to listen without judging or being attached to the outcome.

Asking significant questions is far more important than providing answers. The right questions reveal what you most need to know, as you develop the ability to make decisions that are in harmony with your whole being.

Each of us has skills, talents, and gifts to share with others, which can only flourish when we are living our lives, rather than another’s idea of what our lives “should” look like. This can be a very difficult life passage; as it was for me.

I also coach clients to effectively communicate their experiences—what they think and feel—to those with whom they are closest.

Many of my clients are in significant life transitions, which naturally affect those around them. Learning to communicate clearly, respectfully, and as free of charged emotions as possible, allows even major change to occur with far less drama and emotional upset.

I assist my clients to access their own deepest knowing and to make decisions that support who they are.