I bought a symphonic gong after I experienced the profound effect it had on my internal state. The following information is from Sada Nam Khalsa, from whom I bought the gong:
“The vibration of the gong is felt in all atoms of every cell, bone and organ of the body. The secret of the gong is its great potential for healing and rejuvenation. The musical ‘touch’  creates a sense of well-being, a sense of ecstasy. It is positively uplifting: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”

I first played for a company, where I was a business consultant in the 90’s. Co-workers said it helped them feel more aligned with each other and with the company as a whole. Over the past couple of decades, I’ve been giving private sound healing sessions and playing for large and small groups. 

I offer In-person or FaceTime sessions. Clients either sit or lie down to be as comfortable as possible, relax, and allow the sounds to take them on their own individual inner journey. A sense of deep inner peace is often accompanied with other changes, which are unique to each person.

As a brief example, my neighbor was experiencing an inner ear problem and became unable to drive. She had a number of  on-going appointments and her husband needed to drive her, which seriously affected his own schedule. I suggested she let me play for her in case it might help. The next day, I received a call, saying she was fine and could now drive herself. She and her husband were so pleased they treated my mother and me to a lovely dinner.

Truthfully, I never know what will happen, as I’m only the vehicle for the sounds. I trust it will be what a person needs most at the time.

Over the years I’ve added different types of mallets which produce a variety of harmonics, Tibetan and crystal bowls, Chinese chimes, Burmese, East Indian and Tibetan bells, handcrafted bamboo chimes, two more gongs, other assorted instruments, often including vocals.

Alongside my mediation, counseling and coaching practice, I continue to play for people to create more internal peace, healing and harmony in all their relationships, beginning with themselves. 

Sound Healing Testimonial

“My wife and I first met Kathleen Casey by chance in a remote town in Western Marin County while we were on a rest cure following my wife’s recovery from lung cancer surgery. It was in a card shop where we struck up a conversation about sympathy cards; we felt an instant connection and when we learned that Kathleen was a sound healing practitioner we wanted to give it a try.

Kathleen invited us to a private session at a home in Bolinas and when we arrived, her gongs and bowls that she uses to generate soothing sounds were laid out around her stool. We made ourselves comfortable, my wife lying on a couch and I on a chair then Kathleen began to play.

My wife was deeply moved by this experience and part way through, she began to cry. This is a good thing, because as she explained later, the lung cancer and ensuing surgery to remove part of her lung had come upon her so suddenly that she had been in shock and had not had a chance to grieve for her loss. So through this process, my wife was able to come to accept what had happened to her and release the pain and stress of the experience.

What she does is not strictly a musical performance because there are no set pieces that she plays. Instead, she uses her intuition of our needs to generate tones and chords that feel appropriate.

For myself, the experience was deeply affecting in an unexpected way. When Kathleen began with the first sound, a deep gong, I felt the vibrations in my body, starting at my feet and moving upward. Gradually, I fell into what seemed a trance, for even though I was fully conscious of my surroundings, my eyes were closed and I was deeply relaxed and could not open them.

As a child, I had experienced some trauma. My father had died when I was nine and had been replaced in my life by an emotionally abusive stepfather. In childhood, I recall as I was falling asleep at night seeing clouds of purple and red and black swirling in my field of vision, even though my eyes were closed. I have not had that experience in many years, but during our session with Kathleen, I began to see clouds of color, first purple and black, then red. As the music continued, these colors began to brighten, next to blue, then green and orange, and finally to gold. I felt very moved and wept quietly for a moment. This felt like a catharsis, but from what I cannot explain.

When the session ended, we lay quietly for a while. Gradually, we resurfaced to the point where we could open our eyes and eventually speak. The feeling was one of contentment and relief. Very peaceful sense of being.

And so, what I can say is that sound healing can be a very moving experience. As I write this about a month later, I can still feel that sense of calmness when I recall the moment and I return to that memory and feeling often.

Kathleen has a keen intuition and an ability to find the tones that resonate with your soul, smoothing out the dissonance from the chords of your life. Thank you Kathleen!”

Joseph Smith, Attorney and Carol Smith, Acupuncturist/San Francisco